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Why Wood Fences And Siding Are Still Popular

When it comes to residential fences and siding, you will have a number of material options to choose from when you walk into a home improvement or fencing store. Materials like vinyl, fiberglass, and PVC are popular among homeowners who are mainly interested in having a low maintenance product. However, wood is still a great choice for residential fencing. This article explains why homeowners should still consider installing wood for their new fence or siding.

Wood Style: Unbeatable

The best reason to choose wood is plain and simple, it is the most stylish choice. It is hard to argue that wood is the most stylish siding choice when you look at all of the other materials and realize that they have fake wood textures or prints (sometimes both). That is, these products are made to look like wood, but they never look as good as real lumber does. So, many homeowners are of the mind that if they want the look of wood, why not just install it?

Wood Maintenance: Manageable

Of course, some people will try to talk you out of installing wooden siding because they do require a little bit more maintenance. However, the actual maintenance necessary to keep up wooden fences is not particularly time consuming or intense. In reality, you don't need to worry about refinishing wood more than once in a decade. In fact, many homeowners will go several decades without ever refinishing their wood. Species like cedar are reliably durable and long-lasting, even if they are not painted or stained. Wood is obviously susceptible to termite infestation and water damage, but the maintenance is not something you're going to need to worry about every single year.

Wood: Easy to Customize

One of the most attractive characteristics of wood is that it is easily customized. That is, the homeowner can refinish their fence whenever they want to update the style. You could repaint, sand, re-texture, and apply unique finishes to your wooden fence to make it stand out. Best of all, you can change and update these finishes whenever you want. If you are a homeowner who is constantly updating your exterior style or repainting your walls, having a material like wood that can be so easily customized is going to be very advantageous. While there are good arguments for investing in synthetic materials, you can never go wrong with wooden fences. It is a classic, reliable material that will always be stylish.

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