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How to Get the Most From a Commercial Cleaning Services Provider

Hiring a commercial cleaning services provider can relieve a lot of the burden of maintaining a location. It's important to get the most from paying for janitorial cleaning services, though, and that requires a bit of thought. Here are four things to do to improve the experience.


Figure out what is the best schedule for both your and the cleaning staff. Even if it's just a single person who visits to do nightly cleaning, everybody benefits from a good schedule. If you know your location will largely shut down at 5 p.m., for example, you should be able to arrange commercial cleaning services one to two hours afterward. That gives folks the necessary time to clear out and make the cleaning process simpler.

The same goes for weekly or monthly cleaning work. Minimizing the number of people at the location is always best. If your building is never completely empty, at least try to target the lowest-traffic times of the day.


Reducing clutter makes it easier for a cleaner to do their job. Encourage employees to clean up their messy desks, for example, so cleaners don't have to worry about cleaning them. You can also move less-used equipment and supplies to storage or side rooms.


You should have a long discussion about the cleaning chemicals that will be used at your site. A business might have certain chemicals that can react with cleaning solutions. People also may have allergies or reactions to particular products.

If you're not sure what will be best, start with the solutions that are the least irritating and most effective. Only build up to stronger products if it's justifiable.

Deep Cleaning

Even top-tier janitorial cleaning services companies can only do so much within limited timeframes. That goes double when a location has constant traffic.

Ideally, you should schedule an occasional deep cleaning to maximize cleanliness. This means taking time to pull tables and shelves out of spots to perform cleaning around, under, and behind them. Doing so will help you to track down and eliminate locations where allergens and dirt might lurk, providing an overall healthier environment. Likewise, this allows you to do basic maintenance around the edges during daily or weekly sessions without worrying that you're missing stuff.

Understandably, a deep cleaning may call for a partial or full shutdown of a property. Holidays, weekends, and nights tend to be the best times for these. You may have to schedule work in several chunks to accommodate scheduling needs.

To learn more, contact a commercial cleaning service near you. 

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