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Mistakes To Avoid With Home Window Replacement

As a homeowner, one of the things you should look forward to is replacing your windows. A window replacement may be warranted if your window has cracks or is broken. Homeowners also consider window replacements if they want to sell their homes. Here is what you should avoid with home window replacement.

Inaccurate Measurements 

Many homeowners tend to mismeasure the size of their windows. As a result, the windows installed don't fit in the available space. Homeowners wrongly believe that most window openings have a standard size.

Many factors determine window size. Old homes feature windows that are outside the modern standards for new homes. Furthermore, conditions such as rot can create a large space which should be filled in the opening of your window. If you aren't sure how to measure your window size correctly, consult a professional.

The Wrong Spray Foam

A spray foam project might go awry if the wrong foam is utilized or if the foam is applied to the whole perimeter of your windows. Use a non-expanding foam sealant instead because expanding foams can bend the wood jambs or alter the contour of your window frame.

Many homeowners believe that foam should be applied around the whole circumference of the window. However, doing this will cause water to penetrate your window.

Ignoring Signs of Poor Window Installation

After installing new windows in your home, inspect them for at least a week. Determine whether air or water is leaking into your house. Open and close the windows to establish if they are moving efficiently. It is better to identify signs of poor window installation early before they cost you a pretty penny in the future.

Poor Flashing Adherence

One of the issues with home window replacements is poor flashing tape adherence. During the installation of flashing over the barrier of the window opening, remove all dust, debris, and moisture. This ensures the windows have a tight seal.

Furthermore, use the appropriate flashing tape based on the environmental conditions. For example, some flashing adhesives don't work well in humid or cold weather conditions. This is one of the many reasons you should hire a professional because they will choose the appropriate flashing and window installation materials.

While home window replacement may seem like a DIY project, any wrong mistake could lead to costly expenses. It is best to hire a professional for secure home window replacements. A professional will not only take accurate measurements of your windows, but they will also use the proper spray foam and flashing.

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