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What To Look For In Patio Rock For Your Client Projects

Part of contractor work is doing some minor hardscaping for your clients. Any time you install a patio or other type of outdoor structure, patio rock and its many uses may come up. Your clients may want to use large patio rock stones for walking paths or to create a smooth exterior surface under their newly-built patio, or they may want patio rock in smaller rock pieces to create a decorative area that can keep moisture away from the home as a soil erosion barrier.

When you need patio rock for your client projects, you should shop wisely. Looking at any patio rock product for sale should come with some scrutiny on your part to ensure you get what's best for your clients. Here are things to look for in patio rock for your client projects.


A patio rock project is going to involve several pounds of rock, and this can add up for you and your clients quickly. Look at a patio rock product that is sold in bulk so you can buy a large quantity of the rock and keep what you don't use in this specific project for another job.

Patio rock bought in small river stone pebbles will be easier to stock up on and use in versatile ways; patio rock in smaller stone sizes can be used in flower beds, around retaining walls, and directly underneath patios or around larger patio stones to create a beautiful and soil control effect. The more you buy, the more you potentially save, so keep this in mind when looking at patio rock for sale.

Color and quality

When buying patio rock material, you're looking for smooth and evenly sized stones with vibrant color schemes. If buying larger stones, you want stones that are not powdered or crumbling with smoothed edges for easier placement. Some patio rock will have defective pieces, which is to be expected when buying in bulk and with all natural products, so have some allowance in your quantity purchase for a small percentage of rock you cannot use.

However, if you shop for patio rock for sale that is of good quality and color, you can have less stone that is unusable and more quality rock you can use. Buy in larger quantities so you have patio rock available to use in your client projects on an as-needed basis or buy the patio rock when your clients need it for their patio projects.

For more information on patio rock material, contact a professional near you.

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