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Having Concrete Pathways Paved On Your Property

The installation of walking paths throughout your property can reduce the risk of individuals tripping and falling or causing wear and damage to the plants that are growing. Concrete can be a popular choice for a material to use when paving these areas, but the process of paving them will involve some extensive planning that you will have to be prepared to address.

Deciding On A Path for The Concrete Path To Take

One of the first decisions that you will have to make about your new concrete sidewalks will be the exact path that they will take. Individuals will have a strong incentive to keep these paths as short as possible, as this can help to minimize the costs that will be required to pave it. However, there can be times when a longer route may be preferable. An example of this could be avoiding important plants. If the pavement is too close to these plants, it could actually damage them by compressing the soil around the roots and blocking rainwater from seeping through the soil.

Grading And Stabilizing The Soil

Before the paving work can begin, the soil where the path will be placed has to be graded so that it will be as level as possible. Unfortunately, the grading process can be a part of the process that homeowners may overlook if they attempt to complete this project on their own. If the soil is not properly graded, it could increase the strain on the pavement, and this can drastically reduce its overall lifespan. In addition to effectively grading the soil, it will also need to be stabilized. This stabilization can prevent the soil from shifting under the pavement as this could also disturb the distribution of the weight of the pavement. When hiring a professional contractor that can complete concrete flatwork, they will oversee the entire process of preparing the site for this process.

Protecting The Sidewalk While It Dries

The concrete sidewalk will take some time to dry and cure enough for it to be used. During this time, it is important to protect the concrete pathway so that pets and other animals are unable to leave tracks in it. In addition to keeping people or animals from walking on it until this process has finished, you should also be mindful to avoid placing potted plants or other decorative features on this pavement until the curing process has finished. Otherwise, the weight of these items may be enough to damage the concrete if it has not fully cured.

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