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4 Signs Of Sewer Line Damage

Your sewer line is the main plumbing connection between your home's plumbing system and the municipal sewer system. Just like all plumbing lines, age, wear, and general use can cause clogs and damage to occur. If your sewer line becomes damaged or no longer functions properly, it can prevent the rest of your home's plumbing and drains from working. Understanding the signs associated with sewer line damage can help you identify the problem early and contact a professional before it gets too serious.


The easiest to spot sign associated with sewer line damage is the strong smell of actual sewage. The odor will be strongest in the drains that are closest to the sewer line (usually in the bottom level of your home) and can be a health hazard – so contact a professional immediately. 

Pest Problems

Though not like the other issues, your sewer line can be a point of entry for a variety of different pests, from rodents to insects, into your home. They will only be able to enter your home if there is an actual leak in your sewer line: a clogged sewer line, while still a serious issue, won't provide a pathway into your house. If you notice pests in your home along with at least one of the other symptoms listed here, you should contact a professional to perform a video inspection of your sewer line to find and close the point of entry (as well as pest control specialists to get the rodents and insects out of your home).

Drainage Issues

Another clear indication of an issue with your sewer drain line is if you notice any sort of drainage issues throughout your entire home. This can take the form of extremely slow drains on every level of your home, but can also manifest itself through sewage backing up through the pipes. Backed up sewage will affect the drains on the lowest level of your home first, but will affect all the drains on that level – drainage issues with a single drain are more likely to be a simple clog.

Plant Growth

If your sewer line has become damaged under your yard, which can commonly happen due to tree roots growing into and around the pipe, you may not notice any damage or signs within your home. However, leaking sewage under your yard can act as fertilizer, promoting plant growth in the area of the leak. A noticeable different in the plants in a single section of your yard can point to a damaged pipe that is literally leaking sewage into your yard, and should be inspected by a professional. You will likely also be able to smell sewage in the area, and may notice pools of standing water appearing in y our yard. Contact a company, like Vanhook Plumbing Heating & Cooling, for more help.

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