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Autumn Tasks That Your Handyman Can Do For You

One of the best things about hiring a handyman is that you can do at any time of the year and have him perform a long list of tasks for you. Some of the tasks on the to-do list might be beyond your set of skills, while others may simply be things that you don't wish to do. Whatever the case, a good handyman can get a lot done and have you pleased with the work. If it's autumn and you're interested in hiring a handyman, here are a few things that they can do.

Rake Leaves

It's advantageous to have your handyman rake up the leaves in your yard. While you could certainly hire a lawn care service for this task, this is also something that many handymen will happily do. Raking the leaves will not only beautify your yard immediately, but doing so will prevent other problems down the road. Once the snow melts in the spring, the grass will be able to grow when it's ready. If wet, moldy leaves are covering the yard, the grass will have a harder time growing.

Shut Off Outside Water

If you have one or more outside water taps, they need to be shut off before the weather goes below freezing, as this could cause ice to form in the pipes. Your handyman can shut off the water to each of the outside taps, as well as remove any garden hoses that are attached to them. They can drain any standing water out of the hoses and coil them up tidily for storage over the winter.

Seal Windows

If you have older windows in your home, they may not do a good job of keeping cold air out. In the autumn, it's important to seal them, and this is a task that your handyman can look after. There are a few ways to seal them. One method is to look for small cracks around the outer edges and use waterproof caulk. Another method is to use a specialized plastic wrap over the windows that will keep cold air from entering your home.

Pile Firewood

For homeowners who partially heat their homes over the winter with a fireplace, the prospect of piling a large load of firewood can be arduous. This is another suitable task for your handyman. All you'll need to do is arrange to have a load of firewood delivered in advance of your handyman's visit, and they can then get to work stacking it where you want it in your yard or your garage.

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