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3 Reasons To Choose A Floating Dock

Investing in a dock for your waterfront property can make it easier to access the lake or river. The dock can serve as a gateway to water activities, giving your friends and family a safe place to enter and exit boats and other watercraft.

Many choices are available to those looking to add a dock to their vacation home. You should give careful consideration to the benefits you will enjoy when you choose to install a floating dock in the future.

1. Floating Docks Adjust Automatically

One of the concerns you will need to address when you become the owner of a dock is fluctuating water levels. A dock that is permanently fixed in place can easily become submerged if the body of water near your vacation home experiences a sudden surge of incoming moisture.

Floating docks rest on the surface of the water, which allows the dock to rise and fall as water levels change. You won't have to worry about a flood-damaged dock when you choose to install a floating model.

2. Floating Docks Don't Need Pilings

Many traditional docks need to be anchored firmly into the bed of the body of water they service. Pilings dug deep beneath the water bed can add structural stability to a deck, but the need for pilings can become a burden if the soil near your vacation home has a high sand content.

A lot of lakes, rivers, and sea inlets feature sandy floors. These floors are not equipped to support the weight of a piling, which can result in your dock becoming disconnected and suffering catastrophic damage. A floating dock requires no pilings. It rests on specialized buoys filled with air. You can easily incorporate a floating dock into your waterfront property, even if you have sandy soil.

3. Floating Docks Can be Moved

A dock is not a small investment. You want to ensure that you are protecting your dock against the elements at all times so that your investment doesn't sink to the bottom of the river, lake, or ocean. A floating dock can easily be removed from the body of water and hauled inside for safe storage during severe storms.

You also have the option of taking a floating dock with you if you ever sell your existing property and move to a new waterfront location. This versatility makes a floating dock a great option for any water sports enthusiast.

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