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Options For Waterproofing Your Commercial Foundation

The integrity of a commercial building hinges significantly on its foundation. Water damage can create long-lasting issues that may result in expensive repairs and stalled business operations. Waterproofing your commercial foundation is critical to preserving the structural soundness of your property and protecting it from water intrusion. Depending on your building's designs and needs, there are several waterproofing options that you can use.

Cementitious Waterproofing

Cementitious coatings offer a straightforward approach to keeping water out of foundations. Comprised of carefully mixed cement and other additives, these coatings form a robust barrier that can withstand moisture effectively. Their simplicity makes them attractive for property owners looking for inexpensive yet lasting solutions.

Crystalline waterproofing provides an alternative application using cement-like materials with reactive chemicals. These chemicals penetrate the substrate when combined with water, creating impermeable crystals within the concrete pores and capillaries. This durable solution not only offers protection from the elements but also self-repairs as it reactivates upon encountering new sources of moisture.

Injection Waterproofing

Used primarily on existing foundations suffering minor cracks or leaks, polyurethane injection has become a standard method for remedial waterproofing treatments. Liquid polyurethane foam is injected into affected areas, expanding significantly to fill voids and creating a flexible seal against future leaks.

Epoxy injections offer another option for addressing cracked or damaged foundations needing reinforcement against water while restoring their former strength simultaneously. The injected epoxy resin hardens within concrete fractures and cracks, providing added structural support. While this injection option will not be as flexible, it can still be practical as long as the cracks do not grow in size.

Bentonite Waterproofing

Sodium bentonite possesses remarkable self-sealing properties that make it a viable choice for waterproofing. When hydrated, it absorbs water and swells to fill small gaps and prevent leaks effectively. While unsuitable for sealing existing structures due to its expansion capabilities, sodium bentonite works wonders in new installations like building footings or retaining walls.

Calcium bentonite presents a similar solution but operates under the assumption that not all commercial foundations experience constant moisture exposure. As calcium bentonite grains become hydrated, they repel water even without swelling dramatically like their sodium counterparts. This may make it a viable option for existing structures.

Drainage Waterproofing

To remain protected against moisture, your business's foundation will need good interior and exterior drainage. Unfortunately, individuals may not always appreciate the need for comprehensive drainage systems to be implemented. However, these systems can be invaluable for directing runoff and other sources of moisture away from the foundation. French drains, sump pumps, and gutters are popular options for improving your building's runoff management.

For more information about commercial foundation waterproofing, contact a local company.

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