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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For A Busy Home

Does it seem like there are always multiple people in your kitchen doing an assortment of different things? Maybe your kids are always doing their homework at the table while you cook dinner. Or perhaps your spouse is always preparing their lunch while you and the kids scramble to get breakfast together. If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, it is important to take this busyness into account. By making certain remodeling choices, you can make it easier for everyone to be in the kitchen, doing their own things, at the same time. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Include an island with seating on one side

Make sure you include an island in your kitchen design. Ideally, you want it to have seating on the side furthest away from the kitchen appliances and main prep area. This way, when people sit at the island, they'll be out of the way of anyone who is cooking or cleaning up. The other side of the island will serve as extra counter space, which will come in handy when people are prepping multiple things at once.

Build a snack station

Do you find yourself tripping over others who have come into the kitchen to grab a quick snack? Consider building a specific cabinet to hold snacks. It can even have a mini fridge for chilled beverages and cold foods. Locate this on one end of your kitchen so that people don't even need to walk into the main kitchen area to grab a snack and then they can be on their way.

Include more shelves

When your kitchen is busy, opening cabinet doors often means asking someone to move so you can swing the door open. Consider including fewer cabinets and more open shelves in your remodeled kitchen. You and others can then grab what you need without having to open doors.

Install two sinks

If there is space to do so, consider having a second, small sink installed in your kitchen. This way, if someone needs to wash their hands, they can do it out of the way of someone else who is washing dishes or prepping veggies in the main sink.

If your kitchen is always full of people, that means you have a kind and loving home! It also means you need to remodel your kitchen in a way that leaves more space for all those people to move and work around each other. 

Contact a local general contractor to learn more. 

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